Empirical Industrial Organization: Policy Modeling and Advice

Faculty Supervisor(s):

Steven Berry and Katja Seim 

Project Description:

Professors Berry and Seim are jointly recruiting a talented individual to work with them in the broad field of Empirical Industrial Organization (IO), with a specific assignment to a set of projects on policy interventions that operate on firms and markets, including health, tax and environmental policies.

Seim’s research projects include empirical studies of regulation that govern firm behavior and that are intended to improve welfare, raise revenue and protect public health. One of Seim’s projects examines the real-world effects of alcohol taxation, seeking to inform optimal tax policy design in presence of health concerns. Other projects are broadly at the intersection of IO and public economics. One of Berry’s research projects focuses on climate change, including energy, biofuels and land use changes. Other possible policy applications include health policy and labor market power.

Across these projects, we will apply and evaluate both old and new empirical methods to support policy decision-making with the best possible models and data.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Applicants should be completing or have recently completed a Bachelors or Master’s degree and should be considering possible future applications to PhD programs in economics and/or related fields. Candidates need not be economics majors, though they should have experience with economics. We will give preference to detail-oriented applicants with previous research and programming experience, especially in general purpose languages like Python and statistical languages like Matlab, R, or Stata. As compared to some similar positions, our work is more likely to make use of recent models and econometric advances; any relevant experience in IO empirical models is helpful but definitely not required as we will provide appropriate training. These are team projects with multiple participants, so an ability to collaborate and prioritize is necessary. We also strongly encourage individuals with previous experience in economic consulting to apply.

Special Application Instructions: