This position is part of The Center for the Study of American Politics (CSAP) Pre-Doctoral Fellows Program, which is affiliated with the Tobin Center/Economics Pre-Doctoral Fellows Program. The CSAP predoc program provides a high-quality education and training in quantitative political science research for individuals who are considering pursuing a Ph.D. in political science or a closely related discipline. CSAP predocs are invited to participate in all Tobin Center predoc activities. Information about the CSAP predoc program is available here:

CSAP Predoc: The Political Economy of Place
Faculty Supervisor(s):

Jacob Hacker

Project Description:

This project, conducted with Professor Jacob Hacker, concerns the spatial co-distribution of local economic characteristics and voter allegiances and how this co-distribution affects the priorities of parties and politicians at the local, state, and national levels. How has the increasing concentration within metro America of both economic activity and the national Democratic vote affected the two parties’ electoral prospects and policy priorities? How have disparate parts of each party’s coalition fared as party agendas have become more nationalized? To what extent are the agendas of elected officials still rooted in local economic conditions? Does the increasing partisan homogeneity of metro and non-metro areas have implications for local and/or state economic governance? Initial work will center on constructing a geographically coded dataset that captures key economic activities within locales (e.g., patenting activity and the distribution of local enterprises) and the political and economic characteristics of households, with the data organized so as to be analyzable at multiple levels (e.g., metros, counties, states). Later research will involve analyzing these data in a variety of ways alongside data on the stances and agenda of elected officials and parties.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Skill and experience in locating, processing, recoding, and analyzing data. Familiarity with relevant economic and political data sources is a plus. Experience with Stata or R is preferred.

Special Application Instructions: