This position is part of The Center for the Study of American Politics (CSAP) Pre-Doctoral Fellows Program, which is affiliated with the Tobin Center/Economics Pre-Doctoral Fellows Program. The CSAP predoc program provides a high-quality education and training in quantitative political science research for individuals who are considering pursuing a Ph.D. in political science or a closely related discipline. CSAP predocs are invited to participate in all Tobin Center predoc activities. Information about the CSAP predoc program is available here:

CSAP Predoc:Understanding the Trajectory of Political Careers
Faculty Supervisor(s):

Gregory Huber and Alan Gerber

Project Description:

Who runs, and doesn’t run, for office in the contemporary United States and how do changes in the pool of people seeking office help to understand patterns of political polarization and elite conflict? Working with Professors Huber and Gerber, this project involves gathering historical and contemporary data about local, state, and federal elected officials in Connecticut and elsewhere to understand the trajectories of political careers. From where do state legislative and congressional candidates emerge? What is the role of service in local government? How are those who decide to run for higher office distinct from those who do not, and what role does early electoral success play in subsequent political careers? Specific work will involve compiling datasets of local, state, and congressional candidates, electoral returns, and potentially conducting surveys of sitting and former local elected officials.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Experience with data analysis using Stata or R is preferred. Additionally, experience using Qualtrics to program and collect survey responses is a plus. Willingness to develop new skills is essential. 

Special Application Instructions: