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Tobin Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

CSAP Predoc: Research on American Politics


This position is part of The Center for the Study of American Politics (CSAP) Pre-Doctoral Fellows Program, which is affiliated with the Tobin Center/Economics Pre-Doctoral Fellows Program. The CSAP predoc program provides a high-quality education and training in quantitative political science research for individuals who are considering pursuing a Ph.D. in political science or a closely related discipline. CSAP predocs are invited to participate in all Tobin Center predoc activities. Information about the CSAP predoc program is available here.



Christina Kinane and Josh Kalla



The Yale Center for the Study of American Politics is hiring a pre-doctoral researcher who will split their time 50/50 to assist projects by Professors Christina Kinane and Josh Kalla.

Professor Kinane’s project focuses on congressional oversight of presidential appointees and their policy decisions. The project involves analyzing administrative data to examine how Congress responds to an executive branch managed by the president’s unilaterally selected appointees. Professor Kalla’s project involves analyzing a number of field experiments on voter persuasion from the 2018, 2020, and 2022 elections. Analyses from these field experiments will be used to study how, when, and why voters change their minds about candidates in American elections. 

The pre-doctoral researcher hired for this job would work closely with both professors and their co-authors and be involved in all parts of the research process. As part of this project, the pre-doc would have the opportunity to develop a broad array of research-related skills. The pre-doc would work with large survey and administrative data sets, conduct original quantitative data analyses, and help write manuscripts. While the focus would be on the projects above, the pre-doctoral researcher will also have opportunities to work on other research projects in the area of American politics.



Candidates should have quantitative and coding skills and some experience working with data. Candidates need to be experienced working with both R and Stata. Ideally candidates would also have experience with R Markdown and LaTeX. Candidates should have experience with data cleaning and data management (e.g., standardizing variables, creating codebooks, etc.). Candidates will also be expected to create tables and figures. Candidates need not be political science majors. We welcome applicants from other fields such as, but not limited to, computer science, economics, engineering, mathematics, physics, psychology, and statistics.