Economic Development in East Africa

Faculty Sponsor(s): 
Kevin Donovan

Project Description(s):

Professor Donovan is recruiting one Fellow to work on the following projects:

The prospective pre-doctoral fellow will work on a number of projects in economic development, primarily (but not exclusively) in East Africa.

The primary project is a large-scale randomized controlled trial in Rwanda, in which we will study the roll-out of 350 bridges designed to connect rural communities to peri-urban market towns. The goal is to study how individuals use the market – for work, trade, health – and the combined effect on economic livelihoods. This is a follow-up to earlier work in Nicaragua, with a non-technical summary here. The fellow will be expected to

·       Clean and manage large datasets derived from household and market surveys

·       Conduct statistical analyses of data using Stata

·       Draft progress reports and other project documents for funders and public consumption

·       Oversee and coordinate field research activities, including trouble-shooting data issues

As time permits, the follow will also help with other economic development projects. These include

-        The impact of mentoring programs for young women operating businesses in Dandora, Kenya, a slum outside Nairobi.

-        A less field-intensive data project on the development and maintenance of a large scale dataset of labor market flows from around the world.

Similar expectations will hold – the follow will be expected to manage data collection and conduct statistical analysis.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

This position is intended to provide training in economics research to prepare a candidate for doctoral studies in graduate school. A love of working with data is essential. Fluency in STATA is required. Additional statistical (Matlab) and general-purpose programing skills (Python) and working knowledge of Latex are preferred. Candidates need not be economics majors, but should have experience with economics. We welcome applicants from other fields such as, but not limited to, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, political science, and statistics.

Special Application Instructions:

Position will run for three semesters, with preferred timeline of July 1, 2020 – December 1, 2021. Position may be extended to May 2021 depending on funding availability. Preference is for candidates available for the full timeline, though one year positions may considered.  Start and end dates are negotiable.

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