Measurement in Economics: Subjective Expectations, Beliefs, and Hypotheticals

Faculty Sponsor(s): 
Orazio Attanasio

Project Description(s):

Professor Attenasio is recruiting one Fellow to work on the following project:

Measurement is key to applied empirical research. For many years, economists have focused their attention on the measurement of objective choices, the resources available to individuals who make these choices and the variables, such as price, that affect them. In recent years, there is a renewed attention to the measurement of:
- Subjective expectations about uncertain future events;
- Information available to individuals and beliefs;
- Attitudes and social norms. 

The projects on which Professor Attanasio requires a Research Assistant will focus on a number of important measurement issues. In particular, the RA will work on:
- How to use existing measures: statistical models to use existing data and surveys. 
- How to validate and use new measures. 

The applications that we will be working on will be:
- The econometrics of subjective expectations data: how to use effectively new measures about subjective expectations. 
- How to measure child development in different dimensions: we will be using statistical techniques to determine the number of dimensions that could be measured from existing data and how they relate to the process of development over the first years of life. 
- How to develop measures of the quality of information in networks. 

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Applications are invited from students with a strong background in economics and statistics. Skills and interest in data collection and econometric analysis are important. Knowledge of Stata and the ability to merge datasets are essential skills (please dwell on this in the application). Other quantitative skills (e.g., programming skills) are also appreciated.

Special Application Instructions:


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