Economic Policy Research at Yale Law School

Faculty Sponsor(s): 
Ian Ayres

Project Description(s):

Ian Ayres, Deputy Dean and the William K. Townsend Professor at Yale Law School, is seeking a full-time research assistant to work with him and his co-authors on a variety of applied microeconomics projects on behavioral economics, corporate finance, lotteries, gun policy, and discrimination.

Day-to-day work includes brainstorming, conceptualization of suitable empirical methodologies, collecting and structuring datasets, performing econometric analysis in Stata and interpreting results, undertaking literature reviews, and drafting manuscripts. Work also may include implementing field experiments and conducting surveys.

Previous fellows have gone onto attend top law schools, enroll in PhD programs, and win prestigious fellowships.  

Professor Ayres’s recent research has included work on innovation policy, behavioral economics, corporate finance and law, civil rights, and contract law. For more information, visit his website, (     

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

The successful candidate will have strong STATA skills, an understanding of causal inference strategies (DD, IV, RD, RCT), and ability to work independently. Please send an example of your STATA code with your application.

Special Application Instructions:

In addition to filling the Tobin common application and including Professor Ayres as one of your choices for faculty supervisor, please send a single PDF containing your CV, cover letter, writing sample, coding sample, and academic transcripts to Label your file “Last name, First name – Tobin Fellow”

Sponsor Name: