Research in Empirical Industrial Organization

Faculty Sponsor(s): 
Soheil Ghili

Project Description(s):

Professor Soheil Ghili is recruiting one pre-doctoral fellow to work on the following projects:

A portion of these projects will be focused on a research agenda studying different aspects of health insurance market design in the U.S. Methodologically, working on those projects with Soheil Ghili and his co-authors will solidify the fellow’s skills in modeling, computing, and analyzing dynamic equilibria.

A second portion of these projects are related to analyzing demand in online markets, with an emphasis on search frictions, behavioral biases, long-run vs. short-run aspects, or spatial aspects, depending on the project. The fellow will be working with unique datasets from online platforms to help address these questions.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in programming languages such as R, Matlab, or python. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in economics, mathematics, statistics, or computer science is preferred. Work experience in economic consulting would be a plus (but not a requirement). Ideally, the candidate is looking to apply (upon the completion of the pre-doc period) to doctoral programs in economics or related fields. The ideal candidate is passionate about analyzing data and implementing models that would help uncover the economic insights hidden in the data.

Special Application Instructions:

To apply, please email with a copy of your resume, your transcript, and the email address of at least one reference.

Sponsor Name: