Research on the Aggregate and Disaggregate Effects of Trade and Migration Policy
Faculty Supervisor(s):

Lorenzo Caliendo

Project Description:

Professor Caliendo is hiring a pre-doctoral researcher to help with a series of projects.

The set of projects focus on quantifying and identifying the economic effects of trade and migration policy. The projects will build on two of his recent papers: Caliendo, Dvorkin and Parro (2019, Econometrica), and Caliendo et al (2021, Journal of Political Economy). The projects aim to provide new methods for the analysis of trade and migration policy at the granular level. The pre-doctoral researcher hired for this job would work closely with Professor Caliendo and his co-authors and be involved in all parts of the research process.

The pre-doc would have the opportunity to develop a broad array of research-related skills; empirical and analytical. While the focus would be on the analysis of trade and migration policy, the pre-doctoral researcher will also have opportunities to work on other research projects in the area of economic geography, macroeconomics, trade and labor markets.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Candidates should have an interest in pursuing economics-related research. A love of working with data, coding, writing, and methodological interests in international trade, migration, and macroeconomics are essential for this position. The projects will involve building and cleaning large datasets, analyzing data, coding general equilibrium models, creating visual presentations of economic results, writing non-technical summaries of the results, and helping to prepare manuscripts.

Candidates should have quantitative and coding skills and experience working with data. Candidates experienced working with Stata, R, Matlab, and Latex are preferred. Candidates need not be economics majors, though they should have experience with economics. Applicants from other fields such as, but not limited to, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, political science, psychology, and statistics are welcome. The pre-doctoral fellow will interact with faculty inside and outside of Yale.

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