Research in Empirical Environmental & Energy Economics
Faculty Supervisor(s):

Kenneth Gillingham

Project Description:

Professor Gillingham is recruiting one Fellow to work with him and his co-authors on the following projects:

Strategic Automaker Electric Vehicle Product Offerings: This project examines the effects environmental policies, such as U.S. fuel economy standards, and developments in key technologies, such as batteries, on automaker product offering decisions. The project will model automaker endogenous attribute choices, research and development expenditures, and patenting using microdata on vehicle registrations. A focus of the work will be on understanding how state and federal policies, along with the existing automaker vehicle portfolios, differential shape the path of technological innovation for different automakers, with some emphasizing plug-in electric vehicles, while others emphasizing improved fuel economy of conventional gasoline vehicles.

Pay-as-you-drive Insurance and Unraveling of Automobile Insurance Markets - This project uses data from a startup that offers per-mile insurance contracts rather than conventional insurance contracts in the United States. The project documents how per-mile insurance can reduce driving, thus lessening environmental, accident, and congestion externalities. It then explores the conditions under which the existence of per-mile insurance contracts can lead to an unraveling of the conventional insurance market.

Other projects are likely to come up as well, including work on solar energy policy. Candidates should have a long-term interest in pursuing economics-related research. The projects will involve building large datasets, analyzing data, creating presentations, and helping to prepare manuscripts.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Applicants should be completing or have completed a Bachelors or Master’s degree. Candidates need not be economics majors, though they should have experience with economics. We will give preference to detail-oriented applicants with previous research and programming experience, especially in general purpose languages like Python and statistical languages like Matlab, R, or Stata. We also encourage individuals with previous experience in economic consulting to apply.

Special Application Instructions: