Research on the Economics of Education
Faculty Supervisor(s):

Joseph Altonji and John Eric Humphries

Project Description:

We are hiring a pre-doctoral researcher to help with a set of joint projects with Professors Joseph Altonji and John Eric Humphries.

The set of projects focus on the earnings and careers of highly educated people. The first project focuses on estimating the causal returns to different areas of graduate study for men and women, while accounting for differences in prior areas of study in college. The second examines whether returns to specific graduate programs depend on program quality. The third studies the gender gap among highly educated men and women over time.

The pre-doctoral researcher hired for this job would work closely with both professors and be involved in all parts of the research process. As part of this project, the pre-doc would have the opportunity to develop a broad array of research-related skills. The pre-doc would work with large survey and administrative data sets, conduct quantitative data analysis aimed at estimating the returns to graduate school, and help write papers. As part of this project, the pre-doc will also likely have the opportunity to work with large restricted-access survey data sets as well as administrative data. While the focus would be on the projects above, the pre-doctoral researcher will also have opportunities to work on other research projects in the area of the economics of education.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

A love of working with data and an interest in the economics of education are essential for this position. Methodological interests in labor economics, the economics of education, public economics, econometrics, machine learning, and statistics are also a big plus.

Candidates should have quantitative and coding skills and some experience working with data. Candidates experienced working with Stata, R, and Latex are preferred. Candidates need not be economics majors, though they should have experience with economics. We welcome applicants from other fields such as, but not limited to, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, political science, psychology, and statistics.

Special Application Instructions: