This position is part of The Center for the Study of American Politics (CSAP) Pre-Doctoral Fellows Program, which is affiliated with the Tobin Center/Economics Pre-Doctoral Fellows Program. The CSAP predoc program provides a high-quality education and training in quantitative political science research for individuals who are considering pursuing a Ph.D. in political science or a closely related discipline. CSAP predocs are invited to participate in all Tobin Center predoc activities. Information about the CSAP predoc program is available here:

CSAP Predoc: The Politics of Punishment and Participation
Faculty Supervisor(s):

Allison Harris

Project Description:

Professor Allison Harris is hiring a pre-doctoral researcher to assist with two projects related to the politics of the criminal legal system.

The first project investigates the relationship between criminal trial judges’ colleagues’ characteristics and individual judge’s sentencing decision, asking whether judges’ sentencing becomes more (or less) equitable as they gain colleagues who are different from them. In the second project, with a team of coauthors, I conduct a series of field experiments to see whether individuals with prior felony convictions can be mobilized to register to vote with a simple mailer and registration information.

The position will involve data collection, management, and analysis. The ideal candidate will have an interest in the politics of crime and punishment and inequality.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Experience with data analysis using Stata or R is preferred.

Special Application Instructions: