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Producing world-class research to improve the quality, productivity, and fairness of the US health system.

The US spends $4.3 trillion annually on health care - 18.3% of US GDP. Despite this significant investment, millions still struggle to access care, there are significant gaps in quality, and the system is putting immense strain on American families. In short, the healthcare system isn't operating as efficiently or productively as it could.

Our Health Economics portfolio analyzes the pricing of health care services and pharmaceutical products, the impact of key policy changes, and the performance of public and private insurance markets. In addition, we played a meaningful role in the national response to COVID-19, created a new national resource reducing risk in nursing homes featured by CDC and AARP, and launched the 1% Steps for Health Care Reform project, a new multi-university initiative to reframe the causes of high health spending in the US and propose tangible steps to raise the productivity of the US health system. 

Policy Brief:  A Review of Expert and Academic Literature Assessing the Status and Impact of Site-Neutral Payment Policies in the Medicare Program

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