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Our Initiatives

The Tobin Center supports research and policy engagement in seven key economic issue areas:

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Health Economics

Producing world class research to improve the quality, productivity, and fairness of the US health system.

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Digital Economy

Pushing the frontier of regulatory economics research to meet the rise of large digital platforms.

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Early Childhood and Opportunity

Generating insights on childcare, education systems, and hard-to-attain long-term educational outcomes.

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Economic Mobility

Studying the impacts that institutions and policies have on economic opportunity, poverty, and inequality.

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Supporting leading work on electric vehicles, climate-resilient infrastructure, biofuel policy, macroeconomic effects of climate change, and carbon taxation.

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Evidence-Based Policy

Creating the conditions to make it easy for government leaders to incorporate rigorous research into policymaking.

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Supply Chain

Engaging in supply chain research in collaboration with MIT and London School of Economics.

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