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Tobin Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

The Past and Future of Inequality in America




Lukas Althoff


This full-time Research Assistant position, supervised by Professor Lukas Althoff, offers deep involvement in research on economic inequality in America, from generating research ideas and conducting literature reviews to collecting and analyzing data. The Research Assistant will support empirical projects using big data and tools from applied microeconomics and economic history to examine how pivotal institutions, policies, and innovations shape economic inequality. Specific projects include (but are not limited to):


- Analyzing how Jim Crow institutions slowed the economic progress of Black Americans after slavery ended.

- Assessing whether the GI Bill of World War II—a policy credited with creating the American middle class—persistently exacerbated the Black-white gap in wealth.

- Studying the effects of artificial intelligence advancements on inequality in labor markets and the valuation of human capital. 



We seek a highly motivated individual with a strong quantitative background, programming experience, and a passion for problem-solving. The ideal candidate will possess the ability to work independently and demonstrate a keen interest in pursuing a PhD in economics or a related field.

A background in economics is *not* required. We strongly encourage candidates with strong technical skills and a desire to explore economics to apply.

The ideal candidate will have a strong quantitative background, programming experience, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work independently. They should also be ambitious and plan to pursue a PhD in economics or a related field.

Coding proficiency is required. Experience in Stata is valued; familiarity with LaTeX, R, Python, and web scraping is also a plus.