Multi-colored image of downtown New Haven
April 18, 2020
Executive Director of the Tobin Center, Dave Wilikinson, provides an update on the social and economic policy responses to COVID-19.
image of protective mask fabric rolling off of production line
April 17, 2020
In a Q and A with Yale News, Steve Berry and Zack Cooper discuss the Tobin Center’s response to the current crisis.
Figure 1: Most Deaths from Spanish Flue Came During Second Wave
April 15, 2020
The central challenge of this moment is to plan for, fund, and execute a safe reopening of economic and social life before a vaccine is released.
image of hospital courtyard
April 3, 2020
NPR’s Planet Money interviews Yale’s Zack Cooper on the economics of hospitals beds, before and during the crisis.  
photo of masked figure turned away from New York Department of Labor
April 2, 2020
Yale Economist Giuseppe Moscarini discusses how to manage labor markets roiled by COVID-19.