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Policy Discussion Papers

A collaborative effort of experts in economics and regulation in the United States, the UK, and the European Union, who have studied, and are committed to the improvement of, competition in digital markets.

PAPER NO. 1: Consumer Protection for Online Markets and Large Digital Platforms


PAPER NO. 2: More Competitive Search Through Regulation


PAPER NO. 3: Fairness and Contestibility in the Digital Markets Act


PAPER NO. 4: Equitable Interoperability: The "Super Tool" of Digital Platform Governance


PAPER NO. 5: International Coherence in Digital Platform Regulation: An Economic Perspective on the U.S. and EU Proposals


PAPER NO. 6: Market Design for Personal Data


PAPER NO. 7: Enforcing the Digital Markets Act: Institutional Choices, Compliance, and Antitrust


Working papers No. 1 through No. 6 will be published as part of the Digital Platform Regulation Symposium in the Yale Journal on Regulation, Volume 40.

The Tobin Center hosts the papers of the Digital Economy Project as a way for some of the world's leading economists and regulatory experts to present policy recommendations based on their relevant research and expertise. The Tobin Center does not take policy positions and therefore the content does not represent the positions of the Tobin Center or Yale University.

The Information Society Project's Digital Public Sphere White Paper Series is a related Yale-based initiative for the study of digital technologies' social ramifications.