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continues to confront society with myriad health, economic, and social challenges, and as long as it does, our work will react and intersect with it.

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The Tobin Center rapidly responded to help our nation’s leaders mitigate the impact of the virus and re-open society responsibly. Towards this end, we conducted economic analysis and translated technical work for policymakers. We also launched a partnership with several state public health agencies, the largest nursing home association, and AARP on efforts to Protect Nursing Homes. We engaged in work to support minority vaccine uptake, and established the largest ever survey of the American Pre-K and childcare workforce. We also produced widely covered research that became a leading resource in the national debate on unemployment insurance.

Here, you can find a statement detailing our initial policy recommendations, an interview with our faculty directors and an updated concept to advance economic recovery by investing in a public health response.

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Protect Nursing Homes:  Understanding shared staff at nursing homes to better manage risk and reduce the spread of infections.


Thomas DeWitt Cuyler Professor of Economics and Professor in the Institute for Social and Policy Studies
Joseph Altonji
William S. Beinecke Professor of Management and Professor of Economics
Douglas A. Warner III Professor of Economics and Professor of Management
Associate Professor of Public Health (Health Policy), of Economics, and in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies
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Faculty Director and David Swensen Professor of Economics